We are happy to bring to Green Bay WI our new  Art & Event Center. Whether your looking for a fun night out, a family event, a good cardio burn or a event space to rent. We invite you to come on in grab a drink and join us for a adventure in art, music & dance. Our classes offer a fun, easy, stress-free chance to create a memories you can be proud of — Cheers to that!

No experience necessary! Our instructors will take you step by step through the featured project. Classes start at $25 and typically last 2 hours. Classes are held either in our building, breweries, wineries, restaurants or individual homes for private parties. All supplies are provided and it is suggested that the attendees wear clothes they don’t mind getting a little paint on. Most classes are acrylic paintings on canvas. However, there will be other painting styles and projects on the calendar as well (oil painting, pour painting, wood painting, and stencil projects and more).  The final masterpiece is done at the end of class and ready to be taken home and displayed on the wall.

See what’s going on at the art & event center!

We offer a variety of “do it yourself” paint kits. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, we can work with you to find the perfect image for your special event.
The kits include everything you need to paint!
 – Pre-sketched board (standard size is 12″x12″ – other sizes available)
 – Brushes
 – Paint
 – Paint Plate
 – Dipping Sticks
 – Apron