Urban Cultural Arts & Event Center

906 E. Walnut St. 
Green bay WI 54301

Our mission is to bridge the gap between creativity and accessibility, making art an integral part in the lives of the youth in our community, especially those facing economic challenges.

We are committed to ensuring that art is not only accessible but also affordable , while recognizing the importance of inclusive access for those with disabilities and special needs.

Unleashing Creativity

Through art, children can learn about different cultures, traditions, and historical periods. Experiencing and appreciating art from various backgrounds can develop cultural awareness and promote acceptance of diversity. We are dedicated to breaking
down financial barriers that
may prevent underserved youth from experiencing the transformative power of the arts. Through subsidized programs, scholarships, and low-cost workshops, we make art education and cultural experiences affordable to all, regardless of their
economic circumstances.



Urban Cultural Arts & Event Center

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Urban Cultural Arts
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From the Executive Director

As the Executive Director, I extend a warm welcome to Urban Cultural Arts. Our establishment is a community-centric center with a focus on the arts, aiming to create a secure and enjoyable “third space” – a place distinct from home and work or school – for our community.

Urban Cultural Arts is committed to offering a unique, all-encompassing journey through various art forms. Be it painting, poetry, music, dance or comedy, we provide an inclusive platform that encourages our community to showcase their talents on our stage at their own pace and comfort level.

Let’s Create!


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